Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Cape Verde’s New Home for IP

Merging existing government divisions into a single new entity is a daunting task.  New processes, new names, less faces, there’s a lot to consider.  Musings of what if’s have been heard before, “what if we combined office x and office y?” Inventa International brings us news of just such a merger already complete.  Cape Verde merged its Quality Management Institute and Intellectual Property Institute to form the (very merged sounding) Quality Management and Intellectual Property Institute (“IGQPI”).  The new IGQPI will handle all intellectual property maters.

This little Leo is interested to see how this merger might play out on the international stage.  The old Quality Management Institute was responsible for things outside of IP but definitely affected by it, such as energy sector development. With better integration between IP and development fields within the government, will Cape Verde discover a new balance between property rights and other rights?  Will IGQPI be more aware than other Copyright, Industrial Property or IP offices about all aspects of the interplay between IP and Innovation?  And if so, despite Cape Verde being a rather small country, will it be able to share its experiences with larger countries in the region and in international forums like WIPO?

Inventa International’s full release: http://www.inventa.com/news/cape_verde_new_institute_for_intellectual_property_and_quality_management_matters

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