Monday, 29 June 2015

Uganda JAVA TM case in #SandtonDiscussion

Apologies for the late notice of this week's #SandtonDiscussion which focuses on the recent decision in the trade mark opposition by Mandela Auto Spares against the attempt to register trade marks in class 43 (restaurant services) containing the word JAVA by Nairobi Java House Limited on the basis of rights in the word JAVAS and CAFE JAVAS. It's a very interesting case that looks at the nature of the word JAVA for restaurant services in Uganda, the test for likelihood of confusion  and structure of opposition proceedings. It is also an example of the increasing sophistication of decision making on the continent. The Assistant Registrar references local and European law in determining the opposition.

The case can be found here and the discussion will be lead by none other than Lita Miti-Qamata. Tune in at 9CAT on Twitter -  #SandtonDiscussion.

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