Monday, 14 September 2015

Passing off, domain and company name objection and cancellation in #SandtonDiscussion today

Afro-IP's coverage of the #SandtonDiscussion continues today when the group considers the case of Global Vitality Inc v Enzyme Process Africa (Pty) Ltd. This judgement was handed down in the Western Cape High Court last month (21 August 2015). 

The applicant is Global Vitality Incorporated (an American manufacturer, distributor and seller of dietary nutritional supplements) against Enzyme Process Africa (Pty) Limited (the former exclusive distributor of Global Vitality of goods bearing the mark ENZYME PROCESS) in South Africa. Global Vitality sought to interdict/injunct Enzyme Process Africa from using the mark ENZYME PROCESS as a trade mark, company name and domain name, as well as to cancel certain trade marks held by them. The discussion will be lead by @EricMashida at 9:00 am CAT.

You can follow these and other discussions hosted at the Adams & Adams office based in Sandton using the twitter handle #SandtonDiscussion. If you are interested in joining via Skype please email Afro-IP here and we will see if we can hook you up.

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