Thursday, 26 November 2015


Just posting a quick note to say “bye-bye!”  A lot has happened in the world of IP, in Africa and beyond, since I posted our first blogpost back in December 2007.  And now I’m retiring and just wanted to say a big “thank you” to Afro Leo and all the blog team for their wonderful efforts over the past years.  A big “thank you” is due to our readers too, for their support, their comments and their patience!

It’s a difficult world right now, and I have no instant suggestions for putting it right. But what I can say is that IP can help, if it’s properly protected, developed and where necessary shared around. Let’s hope that Afro-IP will help this process.


Afro Leo said...

A big thank you to you Jeremy for all your guidance and content during these past seven years, and for help making Afro-IP happen. The blog will continue to post in your absence and in your honour. Best wishes for your well deserved retirement, and new endeavours.

Caroline Ncube said...

Jeremy - many many thanks for your leadership in the IP world. No matter how busy you were I've always known you to find time to give a word of advice to those who ask for it. My very best wishes for the future. Best regards, Caroline