Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Burundi signs up to Berne and WIPO Copyright Treaty

Burundi is the latest African state to accede to the benefits of Berne and WIPO's Copyright Treaty. These international frameworks provide greater protection for Burundi's local copyright works and send a positive message encouraging foreign direct investment. See notification from WIPO here.

"Graphic Arts. While people value the artistic expression of craftsmen, all the items they produce are functional as well as decorative. Baskets traditionally are woven by Tutsi women with the help of their servants. They are made from papyrus root, bast fiber, and banana leaves and are decorated with mud dyes in elaborate patterns. The baskets serve a variety of purposes, from water canisters, to carrying containers for the head, to storage vessels for food and seasonings. Other handicrafts include leather goods and ironwork, both of which are often decorated with geometric patterns similar to those used in baskets. Blacksmiths fashion spears for warfare and hunting, which are handed down from father to son. The Twa are famous for pottery, a tradition that dates back thousands of years."

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