Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Reminder: Unisa's The Patent Declaration Research Seminar

Readers may recall that Prof Tana Pistorius is organising a workshop to be held in Pretoria on 14-15 April on The Patent Declaration - "The Patent Declaration was drafted by numerous academics worldwide under the leadership of Max Planck ... [which] mainly relates to TRIPS flexibilities... As part of this project workshops have been held in various countries to address the different themes. Panels are comprised of representatives from academia, government, the bench, practitioners and industry" 

There are still a few seats available for a red hot line-up including

  • Professors Hilty and Lamping from the Max Planck Institute, 
  • Profs  Coenraad Visser, Klaus Beiter, Esme Du Plessis, Andries van der Merwe, Eddie Hurter, Steve Cornelius and Frantzeska Papadopoulou from around the country (and globe), 
  • Attorneys Jaco Theunissen, Alexis Apostolidis, At Van Rooy, Danie Dohmen, and Ralph Van Neikerk,
  • Industry representatives Morne Barradas, Andre Kudlinksi, Catherine Tomlinson, Madelein Kleyn, Tumelo Tshaya and Thokozani Simelane,
  • Government representatives Macdonald Netshitenzhe, Jetane Waters and Amanda Lotheringham,
  • Judges Louis Harms and Mabel Jansen  
The person to contact is Nomagugu Hlongwane at this address here.

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