Friday 17 February 2017

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Celebrating 40 years, ARIPO kickstart 2017 with pair of MOUs

ARIPO signed two significant agreements in February, paving the way for better economic growth and innovation in Africa.

According to the African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation (ARIPO), Directors General Paulin Edou Edou (OAPI) and Fernando dos Santos (ARIPO) signed a four-year co-operation agreement on behalf of their organisations, following a three day seminar in Harare.

The formal accord will entail a streamlined approach toward harmonising their systems, providing technical assistance and taking common positions on IP policies. A joint commission will meet annually.

Another ground-breaking memo of understanding was signed with CISAC, the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers, who represent over four million creative the world over and are considered the global body for the protection of creative rights.

The two signed the agreement on February 14 at a ceremony in Harare, after the organisations recognised a need to further the creative and cultural potential of the African nations.

Royalty collections in Africa total US$68.6 million annually with potential for sharp growth. Studies in a few ARIPO nations (namely Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania) showed that creative industries contributed three to five percent of the GDP. Collections for creators grew almost 15% in 2015, yet amounts to less than one percent of the global collections report.

The Memorandum of Understanding signed by the two bodies will see joint projects on strengthening copyright, technical exchange, education and training of organisations, as well as collecting revenue on behalf of creators.

ARIPO Director General Mr. Fernando dos Santos said the signed agreement should act as a catalyst for the African governments to continue supporting and promoting the creative industries.”

CISAC oversees a global network of 239 member societies in 123 countries. These include 36 members in 31 African countries. These organisations collect and distribute revenues and promote the interests of creators across five repertoire groups: music, audio-visual, drama, literature and visual arts.

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