Wednesday, 2 May 2018


Guest Post: Artificial Intelligence - The African Opportunity

How will Artificial intelligence (AI) change the way we conduct business in Africa and will it make people redundant or irrelevant when it comes to jobs on the continent?

This is the question posed by Tyler Golato (InterProVise) and Rob Green (GRM Search) in a guest post that makes a case that AI represents an opportunity for Africa. Focussing on recruitment they submit that the continent has certain advantages over more developed economic regions. However, they stress that strategic investment is required.

"As the Pan-African economy develops, so does an opportunity that most developed economies lack: the collective choice to embrace emerging technologies and to generate the infrastructure required to support a robust and well equipped future work force."

Read more here.

Afro Buff says: in the business of intellectual property law AI and automation are already making significant inroads. The continuing increase in investment in formal IP registrations across most major economies is juxtaposed to price pressure and potential redundancies caused by technology, automation and AI in the marketplace. How well firms react will have a direct impact on what the IP legal market will look like in Africa the future. In many ways the bigger, more traditional firms that currently dominate the African landscape have the same challenges that developed regions have, whereas new entrants and more mobile firms benefit from the same advantages identified for Africa (in reference to Golato and Green's article). It is an exciting time.

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