Monday 5 November 2012


A review of African official IP websites: no.17: Equatorial Guinea

Whilst politicians and stakeholders in the United Kingdom are still deliberating and shivering over the costs of building a new airport or additional runways, the government of Equatorial Guinea has just opened one at the cost of $375 million - thanks to their oil riches. So, with that figure in mind, one would feel that the country, like many other resource-rich ones in Africa, is not that poor, and that the Council of Scientific and Technological Research (Presidency of the Government) should be able to afford a website, right? (Afro Leo knows Equatorial Guinea can afford it) .Well, sadly, this Leo could not even find a website for any government ministry or parastatal in Equatorial Guinea, not to mention one for its IP office like we discovered last year. 

Equatorial Guinea is one of the Member States of the OAPI (this Leo feels the OAPI require a website facelift and more support) and we all know that most Member States tend not to have an online presence for their IP office. 

OAPI, what do you have in store for us?

Just in case small businesses, entrepreneurs, researchers and government bodies in the field of technology  in OAPI Member States are not aware, (Because there is no website or social media tool to inform them, adds Afro Leo) there is actually a fund set up to foster inventions and innovations in these countries. To find out about the Help Fund for the Promotion of Invention and Innovation (FAPI), please see here

Forget piping up on the uncertain, duplicating and upcoming PAIPO; are you also aware of what the OAPI is getting up to in terms of harmonising counterfeiting policies and IP laws in Member States? click here to find out (Afro Leo's warning: sorry, Google translated link; the English tab on the website doesn't work as it should).

Oil and gas: a doubled-edged sword, see here
PAIPO petition has reached 250 signatures, see here



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