Monday 12 November 2012


A review of African official IP websites: no.18: Eritrea

In contrast to the fortunes of Equatorial Guinea, this Leo can't help but to simply report that Eritrea is yet to see any real urgency, if not need, for a website for its intellectual property office. It appears that the political turmoil between Eritrea and its neighbour, Ethiopia, is still a growing concern and one which would further hamper its fledgling economy.

Afro Leo wishes Eritrea all the best.

PAIPO: From piping up to sizing up:
A very good friend referred this Leo to this post written by Mr Sadulla Karjiker which further wades into the  PAIPO debate. Mr Karjiker argues, among others, that since a draft statute is the only thing known to be in existence by all accounts, there is not yet a clear basis to criticise PAIPO. He asks: Would the resources which are to be spent in such an endeavour not be better utilised in ensuring that the intellectual property registries and laws of the various African states are improved in order for them to participate in existing international registration systems such as the Madrid Agreement and Protocol, administered by WIPO, for trade marks? 

Afro Leo has not only spotted that Mr Karjiker shares, to some extent, a similar view to that of Sara Moyo, but also that readers of this blog are not the only ones to have witnessed the poor (or lack of) online presence of some of the IP offices in Africa - including the regional IP organisations.

Eritrea ranks low in the World Bank's Doing Business report, see here
PAIPO petition gains 384 supporters, see here



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