Sunday 5 April 2020

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Africa Mourns A Pioneer: Mr. Esteriano Mahingila

Afro-IP is sad to hear of the passing of Mr. Esteriano Mahingila, a prominent figure of the East African IP landscape and stalwart of the African Regional Intellectual Property Office.

Mr Mahlingila was the Chief Executive Officer of BRELA and responsible for overseeing many of the reforms in the IP landscape in Tanzania. During this time he was also held important positions at ARIPO, including Chairman of the Administrative Council between 2005-2007. 

His career spanned over 30 years making him a true trailblazer for intellectual property in Africa. He was active in establishing BRELA and his lauded as its founder, after being the Registrar of Companies, Business Names, Patent and Trade ands Service marks in Tanzania. 

It is important at times like this to appreciate that pioneering the adoption of intellectual property is no easy task and Mr Mahingila should be acknowledged for his significant part in this process. In doing so, he has help create an industry and service that will benefit many people, businesses and communities who may never know, understand or be aware of his efforts. That is true service. We salute you.

Afro Leo

Afro Leo

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