Friday 3 April 2020

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It's money for IP: Fee increases and WIPO's budget for Nigeria Office

Angola: It has been confirmed by Presidential Decree that fees for prosecution and filing of design and utility models as well as trademarks and patents for Angola are set to increase as from the 20th of March 2020. These fees have been unchanged for at least two decades, and require the upfront payment of trade mark fees for application, publication and registration. For patents, additional fees are due for each claim after the 15th. The upfront payment of fees is controversial especially given the lengthy time it takes to achieve trade mark registration in Angola, quips Afro Leo.

Nigeria: The second WIPO office in Africa is set to open in Nigeria (WNO). WIPO's 20/21 Budget Report indicates that 1.6 million Swiss Francs have been set aside for this project and any other new offices by Member States. The objective of this office is to "add value", "operate effectively and efficiently", "contribute to mandate implementation, "function as work units" and "operate on a sustainable basis" according to the budget report. Nigeria only has six external offices of which two are now based in Africa, in Algeria and now Nigeria.

Tunisia: There has been 100% increase in trademark fees in Tunisia in 2020, as reported on Afro-IP in late 2019. This, in addition to increases in fees for patents (30%) and designs (20%). Like Angola these fees have not been changed for almost two decades and are regarded more as a necessary adjustment. It is arguable though, says Afro Leo, that with current technology available (that reduces administrative time and cost) the pressure to increase fees should be reducing.

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