Thursday, 10 July 2008

BAT health warning reprieve in Kenya

British American Tobacco (BAT), "the world's most international tobacco group" has received a six-month reprieve from a requirement to display large health warnings on its cigarette packages as the new regulations on the industry takes effect. The Daily Nation reports that Kenyan Public Health and Sanitation Minister Beth Mugo says the delay is due to failure by her Ministry to provide the company with the Kiswahili translation of the health warning, which it is supposed to print on cigarette packets. 'Due to the delay in providing you with the translation, you are expected to comply with the Tobacco Control Act 2007 Part VI (210) within six months,' Mugo said in a letter to BAT MD Nicholas Maistre.


JS said...

The new anti smoking rules in public in Kenya came into force this week. This development together with the requirement for the health warning may drive down BATS revenue in Kenya. Analysts with the leading stock brokerage houses in nairobi indicate there may be a drop in the BAT share. BAT will have to diversify its revenue streams or sink

JS said...

A cursory review of the fees payable to the Kenya Industrial Property Institute for any intellectual property related actions shows that they are very high compared to other jurisdictions. This is not good for trade development and investor confidence because foreign investors need to be able to protect their IP rights at affordable costs