Friday, 11 July 2008

Brand Protection Group's MOU for the UAE...and SADC consult

According to the Ministry of Economy (UAE) has signed an historic MOU (memorandum of understanding) with BPG (Brand Protection Group) to protect intellectual property rights in the UAE. BPG Members are regionally headquartered in the UAE and carry out operations that span the GCC, Middle East and North Africa. BPG has launched media campaigns and cooperated closely with local governments to stop the spread of the counterfeit industry and protect the consumer's rights in society. The Ministry of Economy and the BPG will work in unison to raise public awareness about IPR through dedicated campaigns throughout the UAE. Mr. Omar Shteiwi, Chairman of the BPG and Regional Intellectual Property Advisor for Nestlé Middle East was at signing ceremony held at the MOE headquarters in Abu Dhabi this week which was also attended by a number of government dignitaries and representatives of the BPG’s Brand Owners and Service Providers. Laurent Venetz is also an active member of the Nestle Group with IP protection interests in Africa.

Meantime, further south a joint initiative by WIPO, USPTO and South Africa DTI held consultation workshop on the enforcement of IPRs in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) this week. The news comes courtesy of counterfeit specialist Quentin Boshoff. Afro-Leo welcomes feedback from the consultation from anyone who attended and wishes to share information for the benefit of readers.

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