Monday, 14 July 2008

Holographic tags for 2010 World Cup merchandise

According to an article in De La Rue (the world's biggest printer of paper money) is to implement high-tech security features on a range of holographic tags after being reselected as a 2010 FIFA World Cup partner. The tags will appear on clothing and merchandise for the tournament, which takes place in South Africa. The items will include easily authenticated holograms and SLSNet – an online ordering and tracking system. Shopkeepers and FIFA enforcement officials will be able to scan the tags to certify the garments' authenticity. The tags will also enable buyers to identify legitimate FIFA merchandise. FIFA, which has set up a network of globally branded stores in preparation for the 2010 tournament, claims there was not one case of counterfeit merchandise during the 2006 World Cup in Germany. Thierry Weil, FIFA's director of marketing, said: "Merchandising has become a big part of the football experience. The quality seals produced by De La Rue make it easy for any supporter to identify the original official items while guaranteeing the integrity of our licensing programme worldwide."

This blogger expects that De La Rue, FIFA and their lawyers will be put to task in South Africa in the run up to 2010. Let's hope that De La Rue achieves as much success at outwitting the opposition as did near namesake De La Rey.

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