Wednesday, 29 April 2009

West Africa Troubles

The Associated Press carries a depressing article which reports how elite soldiers in Guinea are taking advantage of an anti-corruption drive to rape and pillage. "Often intoxicated and usually wearing red berets belonging to elite security units, the soldiers stole "cars, computers, generators, medicines, jewelry, cash, mobile phones, and large quantities of wholesale and retail merchandise," the group [Human Rights Watch] said. The contents of some roadside shops were "emptied into vehicles driven by the military." "Some victims have been targeted because they were suspected of involvement in trafficking drugs or counterfeit medicines, but many cases appeared unrelated to the crackdown, the rights group said." Take a PROZAC when reading further here.

A group in Nigeria may be responsible for producing superior quality counterfeit $100 notes for circulation in Vermont (US), according to German officials in Berlin. (Source: here). If the source of the superior bills is correct then how can the Nigerian government persuade the counterfeiters to exploit their technology in a lawful, more meaningful and more profitable way?

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