Tuesday 28 April 2009

Darren Olivier

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Rachel Keeler writing for the impressive Ratio Magazine provides a useful summary of the issues facing the EAC when contemplating EPAs "EAC Regional: Private Sector Ambivalent on EPAs". George Omondi reporting in Business Daily reports on the upcoming July deadlines for signing these agreements here. This blog ponders whether the global economic crisis strengthens or weakens African negotiating positions in the discussions over EPAs?

A note on IPKAT has informed Afro-IP of The 1709 Blog, a blog dedicated to the discussion of copyright. 1709 was apparently the date copyright was "invented" ... or was it? The comment provides The 1709 Blog's first topic of debate. Afro-IP wishes them well.

The Nation reports that Kenya lost more than Sh70bn’ as a result of counterfeiting activities last year, which include fake medicines. One wonders what India's anti-counterfeit legislation campaigners have to say about this statistic? Read more about India's protest over Kenya's counterfeit legislation here and more recently here?

Finally, voting has been completed in South Africa with a landslide win for the ANC. Zuma will appoint his new cabinet and one wonders what implications his choices may have on the intellectual property regime in South Africa. A number of Mbeki supporters still hold key roles in government. Would any changes reflect changing attitudes towards IP or changes in legislation? Zuma is touted as a man of the people - is TK high on his agenda? Comments welcome.

Darren Olivier

Darren Olivier

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