Monday, 29 June 2009

Ghana local film industry receives boost - IP laws will be tested

Silverbird Entertainment, a private cinema house, is promoting the screening of Ghanaian and other African movies to generate income for local movie producers. A statement signed by Brooke Nuwati, media relations officer of the house, said that any poor quality movie produced would not be shown at the cinema to encourage local movie producers to improve on their works. There are indications of a high demand for local movies which Silverbird can help satisfy with the cooperation of movie producers.

"Silverbird is taking bold steps in the African retail entertainment market and the cinemas are legal and legitimate in terms of copyright and intellectual property rights, to ensure quality and security of what is put out there for Ghanaians on the silver screen." (Ghanaweb)

Silverbird Group is a wholly Nigerian owned company established in 1980, to provide contemporary family entertainment. It operates in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya. The tremendous growth of the Nigerian film industry (Nollywood) as well as its severe piracy problems are well documented (see for example: Afro-IP here). For Ghana, the move by Silvergroup will test its IP laws and enforcement regime. Silverbird's experiences in Nigeria at countering the piracy threat will be helpful although this blog wonders if they have any trust in IP laws at all, given the state of the crisis so often reported out of Nigeria.

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