Sunday 26 July 2009


Tunisia tops for African IT innovation

IT News Africa cites the newly-published Africa Competitiveness Report 2009 as rating South Africa, Kenya and Tunisia as the top 3 innovators in information technology and other industries. The top three, which scored highly for their scientific capacity, are stated to be on the same level as Brazil and India, according to the report.

The report, co-produced by the World Economic Forum, the African Development Bank and the World Bank Africa, covers 33 African countries which, the report states, have high-quality scientific research institutions, invest strongly in research and development and are characterised by a significant level of collaboration between business and universities in research.

In terms of global competitiveness Tunisia was the top African country, ranked 36 (down from 32 in the previous year’s report) and South Africa was the top country in Sub-Saharan Africa at 45th.

Afro Leo is not sure how to interpret all this information since the World Economic Forum website ranks the Top Ten African countries rather differently:
1 Tunisia
2 South Africa
3 Botswana
4 Mauritius
5 Morocco
6 Namibia
7 Egypt
8 The Gambia
9 Kenya
10 Nigeria



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