Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Doubly fake drugs kill patients, markets

"Chinese-made fake Indian drugs hurt industry's image in Africa" is the depressingly descriptive title of an article in on the latest accusations of foul play aimed at the Chinese drugs industry. The claim has been made that China is now flooding West Africa with fake medicines bearing "made in India" labels, thus both tarnishing the image of India's fast-growing pharmaceutical industry and putting African lives at risk. India's Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation has now detected three instances of fake imported bulk drugs from China.


goldenrail said...

Is there redress for a country in a situation like this? It's like trademark infringement, except the 'trademark' is the country's name. What can India do?

Asiimwe Paul said...

I honestly think this is the kind of matter that should go before the WTO's dispute settlement body. More than the image, Africans are dying in the hundreds due to fake medicines, as their governments are equally fake and can offer them no protection.

Ana Marisol said...

is selling fake drugs illegal ?
Ronald Noble RKN Global's Founder