Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Libya amends trade mark rules: how will this affect licensing practice?

The INTA Bulletin, volume 64, no. 21, brings news of an amendment to Libya's trade mark law. Decision No. 316, which came into force on 5 July, has made a number of changes to that country's basic trade mark regime. Among other things it provides that
"trade mark licences with regard to products or services of the same class will not be granted to more than one person. A licence may also not be granted to more than one person with regard to associated trade marks registered in the same class. In addition, the trade mark licence agreement will include the licence duration, which will not exceed the trade mark’s protection period".
Afro Leo wonders how this will affect, for example, trade mark licences that accompany a business format franchise, where the licensing of the same trade mark to a multiplicity of licensees is the norm.

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