Monday, 30 August 2010

Trademark Act Finally assented to in Uganda

The good news for owners of service marks is that the President has finally assented to the Trademarks Act 2010.

This is of great significance because Uganda has been the only country in the East African region that did not provide specific protection for service marks. This should give businesses operating in Uganda a greater sense of confidence. Secondly, as Uganda is second only to Rwanda in terms of being a liberal economy, this will encourage service related franchises. Thirdly, this is one step further in enhancing Uganda's business environment, as reviewed from time to time by entities such as the OECD, World Bank and private agencies such as the Economist.

It goes without saying that passing of this law and full implementation of this Trademarks Act will also reivigorate the fight against counterfeits in Uganda. The question that arises then is, if you have a trademark act that provides sufficient civil and criminal remedies, what purpose does the Anti counterfeit Bill serve? Comments are welcome.

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