Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Zambia - counterfeit crackdown

Zambia has recently been the focus of anti-counterfeit measures undertaken by Samsung. This article explains how Samsung is tackling the problem using the Zambia Police Intellectual Property Unit following a raid at the Mama Afrika store in Kitwe. An editorial piece contained in the Times of Zambia appeals to the consumer to assist:

"The trade may look lucrative but it is only assisting in stifling innovation as local fledgling inventors cannot compete on an even playing field with goods that are brought in the country by traders who often evade tax. Ultimately, poverty and unemployment will increase as only a few hawkers and traders benefit from the trade. There is a more sinister side to this illicit business because by buying the product, you could be financing organised crime such as human trafficking or even terrorism."

The Intellectual Property Unit has been busy in recent times. In 2009 they were active against software pirates, dodgy music equipment and fake fruit drinks. PACRO (The Patents and Companies Registration Office) contains a well researched article here. Afro-IP reported on anti-counterfeiting initiatives in the country here, here and here.

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