Thursday, 20 January 2011

INTA's Response & we need your help again please

INTA have posted a response on this blog (see commentary on this post) and in the twittersphere that the Africa regional focus will be back on the agenda for 2012! This is great news. Thanks again to INTA for the quick, positive response and to those who wrote in expressing support. Of course there is no reason why a gathering of those interested in African IP still cannot take place this year - so watch this space.

Meanwhile another very urgent issue needs your attention please. Yesterday's very disturbing news has attracted much comment and, in particular, a call for our community to petition an urgent investigation into the death of "Norje" with the help of Interpol and WCO. If anyone can help us compile a post for that purpose eg you worked with him or wish to comment, please write to us at We hope to have a post ready tomorrow.

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