Tuesday 8 February 2011

Afro Leo

Nortje Update - will the real perpetrator please stand up?

This weekend's papers (see here, here and here) provide an update. Thanks to all who wrote in with the information.

"R30 000 (about $4000). That was the price paid to alleged hit men to murder top harbour policeman Johan Nortje. Details of the murder plot were revealed in the Durban High Court on Friday when one of the men involved in the killing pleaded guilty before Judge Piet Koen."

Whilst it is great news that we have the information revealed in Court and such a quick guilty plea one has a strong sense that there is more to this story. Very early reports spoke about a "businessman" responsible for arranging a "hit" and there is also a need to establish the link between the murder and Nortje's job. Here's hoping Captain Neville Eva, head of the investigation team, is not closing his file.

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Afro Leo

Afro Leo

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