Monday 7 February 2011


Call for articles: art and the law

A special issue of the South African Journal of Art History, dealing with the relationship between art/ architecture/ design/ craft/ film/ photography and law, is planned for 2011. This is a peer-reviewed journal recognised by the Department of Education for subsidy purposes. Articles for this special issue will be reviewed by legal and/or art academics in the appropriate field.

From a legal perspective, the following issues may be of interest to artists/architects/designers/craft practitioners:
  • Moral rights and resale rights – is protection available to an artist after sale of the artwork?
  • Self-plagiarism – when do variations on a theme become mere copies of previous works?
  • Legal protection for works of art, craft and architecture in South Africa – how to prevent the copying of such works.
  • Inadequate protection afforded to movable artworks by the SA National Heritage Resources Act 25 of 1999 and suggestions for its improvement.
  • When may a work of art be reproduced:  issues relating to use for study, reproduction rights, virtual copying and parody.
  • Criminal law and art. When is art pornography or blasphemy and can its status as artwork protect it?
  • Computer-assisted creativity and its associated legal problems.
  • Portraiture and invasion of privacy or denigration, relating to both commissioned portraits and other works where an individual is identified or identifiable.
  • Commissioned art and contractual issues. What happens if the patron dislikes the work?
  • Collaborative creative works and disputes arising between co-creators.
  • Posthumous protection of artworks and inheritance problems.
  • Art in a deceased estate and death duties.
Other articles on topics of relevance are welcomed.

The closing date for the receipt of submissions is 31 May 2011.
Please e-mail  submissions to the editor: Estelle A Maré at  Please attach short CV (200 words) and an abstract.

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