Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Calling all African IP practitioners in London

"Lyons": not quite what Afro Leo
has in mind, but he's sure that
a suitable venue can be found
I get the impression that there are quite a lot of African intellectual property practitioners in London and its catchment area and it struck me that it might be fun to organise a late afternoon or early evening meeting under the auspices of the Afro-IP weblog that would (i) facilitate a little networking and (ii) possibly have some solid IP content to it if we could find a speaker on a subject of genuine pan-African interest to the IP fraternity.

At present, I've no venue and no idea concerning dates, but I'd like to find out how many readers of this blog might like to attend. If the response is good, I'll organise something. So if you'd like to attend, email me here with the subject line "Afro-IP London". Don't expect an immediate reply, but I'll get back to you in time.  And if you can offer a venue or hospitality, let me know!

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