Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Mozambique to discuss PCT annuity payment dates

You'd be surprised where discussion of African IP topics occurs. From its name, the ECTA Group on LinkedIn sounds fairly Eurocentric: is ECTA not a leading body of trade mark practitioners, so what concern might it have with matters of an African nature? Well, this blogger, a member of the ECTA LinkedIn Group, happened to spot the following from Mozambique-based IP practitioner Wanda Honwana:
"PCT - MOZAMBIQUE: In Mozambique, when we file the national phase of a PCT [Patent Cooperation Treaty] application it is necessary to pay the 1st and the 2nd annuities. So, is the term of protection calculated from first priority date or application filing date? Which is the date for calculating subsequent annuities? We have started a discussion with the PTMO [Patent and Trade Mark Office] regarding this matter which can result in a alteration of the PCT procedures in Mozambique".
If you are involved in PCT applications involving Mozambique and fancy a discussion, now you know whom to contact!

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