Monday, 2 April 2012

Africa Update: Read all about it!

So, it's Monday and you were wondering if you should be registering your IP in South Sudan, you had heard that there was an oil find in Namibia and then realised that your company needed to be there, and it dawned on you that it was already a quarter of the way through 2012 and you had not even bothered to consider whether the IP Registries in Libya and Egypt were functional again - shame on you!

Afro Leo found himself browsing through a copy of Adams & Adams' Africa Update over his morning tea and was pretty impressed; not only are there answers to those Monday tribulations but also brief updates on developments in 30 African countries, ARIPO and OAPI - plus a few handsome pics of Registrars and dignatories - all in colour.

Check it out yourself over here.


Anonymous said...

Darren, that's why we rely on Afro-IP for some updates. Adams & Adams etc should do us and themselves a favour by keeping us updated here since we already know they exist as a firm in whatever country.

Darren said...

Thanks, I think I follow the comment. The blog tries not to promote indvidual firms but if there is good information (even if it is contained in promotional material) we will publish it. There is an open invitation for firms to send relevant updates to