Monday, 24 September 2012

A review of African official IP websites: no.11: Comoros

Back in 2010, Darren wrote a piece inviting our readers to name where Afro Leo can be spotted taking a break. A reader, Nevashni Pillay, got the clue: Comoros. The Union of Comoros, as it is officially known, is a beautiful island from what this Leo has heard and the pictures he has seen; nevertheless, it still has no website for its intellectual property (IP) office - a recent development since Darren's piece. Afro Leo is not always happy whenever nothing comes up on intellectual property (IP) on search results for any given country in Africa; but when things are "assessed globally" or put in perspective, he may be able to, sometimes, understand why.

This little Leo is tempted to ask readers to name the African country with no website for its IP (Afro Leo immediately says: "no", this would be time-consuming as the response would come as a list.) I totally agree with Afro Leo on this one since I have seen it for myself. However, I am sure that the correct answer to the following question is one word: which country is the United States' 222nd largest goods trading partner in 2011?

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