Friday, 4 April 2014

IP Policies in Africa no. 18: Eritrea

Eritrea does not have a national IP policy but as a member of COMESA subscribes to that body's IP policy. If the country is working on a national IP policy it is doing so without WIPO's help. A search of WIPO's Technical assistance database does not reveal any IP policy related activities (see results here).

As it's a Friday, and she has some time on her hands, this Leo went in search of recent Eritrean news and learnt that the country has withdrawn from the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers (see BBC Sport's report here). Being clueless about soccer, this Leo will not venture any comment on the import of this development and leave it to more knowledgeable Afro-IP readers to mull over this with their Friday sundowners. Woza Friday!

For Kingsley's review of Eritrea's national IP Offices' webpresence see here and here
For some thoughts on the COMESA IP policy see here 
WIPO (2011) An explanatory note on the ratified Eritrean Constitution of 1997 and the current Eritrean intellectual property regulatory framework

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