Friday, 20 June 2014

IP policies in Africa no 24. Guinea-Bissau

Still trekking across across Africa in search of national IP policies, this Leo is in Guinea-Bissau this week, where she came up empty-handed, again. It seems that WIPO does not have any current IP Policy initiatives in Guinea-Bissau (see the list of countries where WIPO is seeking to achieve 'National IP policies/strategies and country action plans that are in line with national development plans and priorities' here).
laws and treaty membership on WIPOLex
Kingsley's review of IP office web-presence here

Upcoming conference in Vienna
In other news, this Leo received an email from Dr. Clemens Appl of the Information and Communication Technology Law & Intellectual Property Law Group at the Vienna University of Economics and Business on an upcoming international Scholars Conference on Intellectual Property Law (S©IPLaw) which they will be hosting on September 16th and 17th, 2014.Clemens writes
       "This conference aims at providing both senior scholars and young researchers in the field of intellectual            property law a forum for presenting (preliminary) results of their scientific work, having intense                      discussions on recent IP issues and obtaining valuable feedback for their further research. S©IPLaw              primarily addresses IP issues within the European legal framework, but it is not limited to European                law. In fact we also invite researchers from overseas to get new perspectives and an overview of IP              issues from outside Europe."
There you have it, Afro-IP readers would be most welcome to bring a fresh African perspective to S©IPLaw.  Further information is available here

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