Monday, 23 June 2014

Nigeria issues first registration certificates for trade marks filed online

Here's some good news from Nigeria. Back in July 2012 the Nigerian Trademarks Registry decided to introduce an online filing/e-filing system.  There was a good deal of scepticism at the time as to whether and, if so, how this would work. However, the prognosis so far would seem to be good:
"As if to prove the critics wrong, the first Trademarks Journal for marks filed online was issued on March 25 2013, and on September 10 2013 a second journal was published. The publications of two journals in the space of a year proved not only that the system was working, but also that it was here to stay.

Finally, in May 2014 the first set of registration certificates for trademarks filed online was issued. The news was welcomed warmly, as it became apparent that the Trademarks Registry had made history. The old system - which had been in use since the inception of the Trademarks Registry - was thus changed, for the better, in the space of only two years".
This blogger hopes that the Nigerian experience will soon be repeated elsewhere, in those African countries which have the most to gain from the sort of business confidence that a fully-functioning trade mark registration system can offer.

Source: "History is made: first registration certificates for trademarks filed online are issued", written for World Trademark Review by Uwa Ohiku and Odunayo Ayorinde (Jackson Etti & Edu, Lagos), 18 June 2014,

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