Monday 2 January 2017

Afro Leo

First January Post

Greetings from the Afro-IP team and best wishes to our readers. As this little blog and community shoots through the 40000 page view per month barrier, we share with you our most popular posts in 2016, in no particular order:
  1. IP and African Music Industries – and interview with Phil Chard by Aurelia
  2. INTA’s first Africa dedicated conference on African soil – click here and here
  3. Clearvu - Africa’s First Adwords case – SA’s Supreme Court Decision here
  4. Aurelia’s coverage of IP Developments in Zambia here and here
  5. Big Win for Copyright and Artists in Tanzania
  6. Brexit & its possible impact on Africa – read more here
  7. Quentin – the homeless man who begged for a trade mark - here
  8. Mozambique’s IP developments and new code - here
  9. Caroline’s ever popular review on IP Policies in Africa
  10. Counterfeiting Strategies in Africa – Guest post by Vanessa Ferguson

We are always looking for good content and bloggers and guest posts. If you feel that you want an outlet for your talents or views or just want to alert us to something, please contact us here for further information. On that note, if you have sent through a blog post which has not yet been published, look out for it this week. Thank you.
AFRO-IP re launch 30 cat naps away!

Afro-IP is now in its tenth year and boasts over 1500 posts on African IP making it the largest news source of searchable information on Africa IP. To celebrate this we are re-launching the blog on 1 February. Don’t miss it.

Best wishes

The Afro-IP blogging team

Afro Leo

Afro Leo

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