Friday 11 November 2022

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2022 Crammer® Recordings - content for you!

This year’s Crammer® event hosted by Adams & Adams in late October attracted over 250 attendees and is the largest legal conference of its type in Africa. It’s an annual event designed to distill a year’s worth of legal content (largely intellectual property related) into a single morning through short, sharp presentations. This year’s keynote speaker was Kimberley Taylor an inspiring, young businessperson who has created Loop, a groundbreaking logistics company, and Stephen Key, a renowned, US-based inventor and author who is passionate about helping others create value out of their innovations through inventRight.

The recordings have been made available and are now shared with you by Afro-IP. Enjoy!

Main Conference Room

Adams & Adams Crammer™ 2022 Case Law Review - Panel Discussion

Plenary Speakers: Kimberley Taylor and Stephen Key (click on links below for presentations)

Breakaway Room 1

Adams & Adams Crammer™ 2022 High maintenance – Intellectual property laws and regulations relevant t
o Cannabis in South Africa

Adams & Adams Crammer™ 2022 It’s getting hot in here: the effect of environmental sustainability on stakeholders

Adams & Adams Crammer™ 2022 Funding I.P. and R&D


Breakaway Room 2

Adams & Adams Crammer™ 2022 Security is a priority, not an option: outlook of insurance landscape post the storm

Adams & Adams Crammer™ 2022 Robots Inventing

Adams & Adams Crammer™ 2022 The Hype about the Meta Verse


Breakaway Room 3 

Adams & Adams Crammer™ 2022 For the love of Chicken!

Adams & Adams Crammer™ 2022 Do you know who owns the copyright to your house?

Adams & Adams Crammer™ 2022 The influence of data protection and privacy law on mergers and acquisitions


Afro Leo

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