Friday, 25 January 2013

Darren Olivier

First January Post

In case you did not have the opportunity to pay close attention to IP issues on the continent in 2012, this traditional First January Post below lists the some of the most popular posts and topics of discussion during last year and provides a general overview of activity on the blog during 2012. The post also bids a temporary farewell to a long standing stalwart of the Afro-IP team and introduces a new blogger to help cover the East African region.

Post-it - A successful post
Some of the most popular posts and discussions during 2012 include:
In refreshing and stark contrast to most economic indicators these days, the blog was able to report a record increase in the number of hits it received during the year. Perhaps people have more time to read, maybe it’s the mobile revolution – whatever, it’s good to know that the blog enjoyed around a 25% increase in activity and currently has a daily readership which is close to 1000 in terms of subscriber numbers or followers.

The Afro-IP Linkedin Group is also  steadily and quietly gathering members and discussion over on Linkedin. The blog is not for profit, charges nothing and licenses its content under a creative commons licence so please feel free take advantage of the community and contribute to the discussion – it does make a difference. And if you are interested in European IP, don't miss IPKat's incredible source of contemporary thought, views and information.

Paul Asiimwe
One of the stalwarts of the Afro-IP team since it started in 2008 has been Paul Asiimwe, an eminent lawyer from Uganda who runs a successful law firm - Sipi Law - out of Kampala. Paul wrote to Afro Leo a few days ago to ask for a break from the blogging team and, in doing so, introduced Tony Kakooza to cover the East African region. Afro Leo looks forward to profiling Tony next week together with his first post on the blog. If you are the next Kingsley or if you just wish to update the readers with information, please feel free to send us an email here.

Belated best wishes and happy blogging into 2013!

Afro Leo

Darren Olivier

Darren Olivier

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Looking forward to a great 2013.

Godspeed Afro Leo!

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Thanks IPKenya! Best wishes too, would welcome a guest blog anytime